Mottarone Bike Tours

🇬🇧 This Easter we took advantage of some free time to go out and explore our surroundings on our Mountain Bikes. Destination chosen was Mottarone, the unique mountain which stands between Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta. We decided to do some hike and descent in order to find out what this mountain had to offer to us and potential customers and we’ve been surprised how big this area is and how it could be possibly easy to get lost, definitely good to have a clear idea of we’re you going or, in case, to be with a guide. But, how is this tour? We started from Gignese in clockwise direction, after a brief paved road we took a gravel road with a sustained inclination, prohibitive wothout a good fitness base I would say. After a while we arrive at an intersection which brought us at Coiromonte with a wonderful small but clean singletrack. After it, the gravel road start to become easier and smooth till the Monte Falo’ where we enjoyed a good panorama of the Mottarone summit and the East face of Monte Rosa. After Monte Falo’ the path goes up and touch the paved road and then turn back in the woods with a long up and down on the hills till reaching the VL1, the gravel road that brings to the famous “Alpino” and then Stresa.

2h 30min of pure movement for a total of 3 hours tours without pushing hard but keeping a constant pace anyway.

Here’s our verdict :

Cycling : 7/10 , the starting is quite hard if you don’t have a good fitness level, otherwise pushing the bike will be necessary.

Trail Conditions : 8/10 clean , a bit rocky just the last descent

Panorama : 7/10 The great view is limited to some few spot areas on the highest bit

Indications : 5/10 you can’t count on local signs without a good idea of were are you going as most of it are clearly experimental or not official